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Some Of Our Inspirational Fundraisers!

Going Bald for Bude

A retired local nurse and grandparent of 9 children, Liz Page was so inspired by the work of Bude Foodbank that she wanted to raise money for the cause. With hair clippers in hand, she asked her friends to sponsor her for losing her long curly locks of hair in exchange for a donation to the Bude Foodbank.

Liz told us “I am so impressed and inspired by all that the food bank staff and volunteers do. They are amazing, they work unstintingly for this community. But without contributions and donation from generous givers the work could not go on. It’s about lots of people playing their part and doing what they can to help those less fortunate than themselves.”

Bude Fundraise
“My main motivation was to show love by helping in some way. I was hoping to raise £1,000 but that amount kept rising to around £2,000, I couldn’t believe it! Since losing my hair it’s actually quite freeing, lighter, fresher, like a new start. It’s also cooler obviously.”

Want To Start Your Own Fundraiser?

It is the efforts of people like yourself who allow us to continue helping the less fortunate. If you’re inspired by our mission to help uplift the people of Bude, then why not do your own fundraiser?

Already Got Something Planned?

If you already have a fundraiser underway, or if you have a good idea in mind, get in touch so we can help you promote your plan. Please email us at foodbank@oceanscommunitychurch.co.uk